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Welcome to Bairfoot Babies Childcare!  I am so glad you stopped by!  My name is
Amanda Bair (or Mrs. Mandy).  I'm a wife and a mother of two beautiful children.  After
working for Starbucks off and on for 10 years, I decided to make the "stay-at-home"
plunge and open up a daycare.

Here we are now, brand new home, brand new chapter in life and now we need some
friends to come and play!

My passion is my children.  Helping them become the best they could possibly be.  It
is so exciting to see your kids grow up knowing that you've help shape them into the
abundant, knowledgeable, caring kids you know they are.  

I want to share this passion with all other parents.   I ask that you share the
opportunity to help mold your children into great, knowledgeable, caring human beings
with loving hearts.

Teaching, loving and encouraging one step at a time.  Always learning, always moving
and always having fun!

Looking forward to getting to know and bond with your little one!

- Amanda Bair, Owner
Bairfoot Babies Child Care
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